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Welcome to the Pain Resolution Centre

View of Pain Resolution Centre at 521 Main Street Kentville NS

Isn't Time To Be Pain-Free?


Many of the people that come to us at the Pain Resolution Centre, do so as a last resort.


Why? Because they don't know where else to turn.


What they do know is that they are sick and tired of hurting all the time, sick and tired of the pain that has derailed their life.


When Dr. LaPierre added Matrix Repatterning to his extensive training he knew that he had found the key to resolving the hornet's nest of symptoms that radiate from an injury. 


Dr. LaPierre helps patients overwhelmed with symptoms by resolving injury effects from incidents long forgotten. 


He's equally effective at treating and resolving the issues that accompany a new injury.


Take a few moments to browse through our website - to get to know us, to get comfortable with who we are and what we do at the Pain Resolution Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia.


We'll happily answer your questions


And when you're ready, book your appointment with us at the Pain Resolution Centre and start your journey to wellness.


(902) 678-1500

Dr. Philip LaPierre

Pain Resolution Centre

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner

521 Main Street
Nova Scotia
We're Open: 


Mon        8 AM - Noon 


Wed       8 AM - Noon 


Friday     8 AM - Noon


Sat          8 AM - Noon

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