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Dr. Philip LaPierre working on a primary restriction caused by the impact of fall that resulted in a broken shoulder

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle manual treatment that works in harmony with your body’s healing process.


Your body has an internal map of all the bumps and falls and crashes that you’ve experienced since you made your grand entrance.


The impact of every injury has traveled through your body’s cellular network, until fully absorbed by the internal organs, bones, and fascia in its path, giving rise to subtle but deep structural changes.


Considering what you’ve put it through, your body has done a remarkable job of compensating with very few conspicuous complaints. But now your body is screaming “enough is enough!”


Are you ready to listen to what it has to say?


Your First Step - The Assessment

I can, tell you is this:

I live a pain free, richer life today because of Dr. LaPierre and I am excited for what tomorrow holds. 


Sincerely grateful,

Selina Mallyon

In his book The Brain’s Way of Healing, Dr. Norman Doidge MD refers to Matrix Repatterning as an important “first intervention” in the treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

 During your initial assessment,  Dr. LaPierre will determine the  precise location and nature of the “primary restrictions”, the root of your biomechanical dysfunction and pain.


Various evaluations of the assessment


  • strength 

  • range of motion 

  • neurological signs

  • joint stability

  • flexibility

  • posture 

Yes. He Really Can Find the Root of Your Problem

To locate the primary restriction(s) Dr. LaPierre will place one hand - referred to as the ‘indicator’ - on your rib cage, shoulder, or muscle group to monitor the tension barrier of that area, while his other hand contacts and ‘scans’ multiple areas throughout the body. When he feels a softening or decrease in the tension barrier under his “indicator” hand, he knows that he has found the  location of a primary restriction.


From a diagnostic perspective, your body will reveal its tension or strain patterns in order of priority directly related to the amount of energy/tension trapped within the tissues. A primary restriction with a large energy signature will overshadow secondary patterns with smaller energy signatures. Like peeling an onion, less significant patterns will be diagnostically invisible until restrictions of a higher order are released. 

Why Does He “Scan” Your Whole Body?

Rarely will you have just one single primary restriction. The impact of an injury travels through the tensegrity matrix, causing interconnected muscles, ligaments and joints to become strained and painful even though they are not the original source of the problem.


Because other areas of your body step up and help out when you are injured your body usually manages to trudge onward as it tries to heal, leaving compensation patterns in its wake. 


So while you’re painfully aware of your neck, it may in fact be bothering you because you injured your hip when you landed on it from a fall three winters ago. 


If Dr. LaPierre simply treats your painful neck, he will be ignoring the root of the problem in your hip and any relief will be short lived. In order to return you to a possible pain-free optimal function, Dr. LaPierre must find and treat all of the primary restrictions.


That’s why you want him to scan the entire body

Once Dr. LaPierre has located all of the primary restrictions, he will prioritize the areas to be treated and formulate a treatment plan to: 

  • resolve the restrictions

  • restore structural balance

  • eliminate pain 

  • improve your overall health


Your Treatments

Dr. LaPierre will allow the tension in the primary restriction to be released by applying a gentle, precise

directional pressure with both hands.

When the density of the restriction

softens, the restriction is ‘normalized’,

allowing the permanent restoration

of muscle tone, flexibility, joint

mobility and optimal biomechanical



The same structure may have

different layers of rigid tension due

to repeated impact. This would then require a series of treatments to release the layers of restriction and restore the area to optimal pain-free function.


Practical Matters

Assessment:       Approximately one hour. 



The number and frequency of treatments needed to restore your body to optimal function will depend upon the: 

  • severity of your injury

  • acute or chronic nature of symptoms

  • number of primary restrictions identified


Typically Dr. LaPierre will test, treat, and re-test a minimum of one primary restriction per session. The hands-on therapy per structure usually requires   5-7 minutes but it can vary.


Multiple primary restrictions can be treated and resolved during one appointment session. This will, however, require a longer appointment time, and must be scheduled at the time of bookingLonger appointments will be priced according to the number of restrictions treated. Having multiple restrictions treated in one session will facilitate a shorter overall treatment time and recovery period.

Wondering what to wear?

The assessments and treatments are done through your clothing - so wear comfy clothing that will allow you to lie down, roll on your side, and move your arms and legs without restriction.

Dr. Philip LaPierre working on a primary restriction around the knee that is causing hip pain in this patient.

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