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Coach Scott's story

necessary for an effective and efficient power stride. It became obvious that in spite of the athlete understanding what s/he was trying to achieve, they could not physically manifest this primary positioning.


After some discussion with Dr LaPierre I began to understand the source of the issue and that the remedy was a simple, non-surgical procedure that would take 5 minutes on his table. 


I recommended to each of my athletes who I felt were afflicted with this “restriction”, that they visit Dr LaPierre. 100% of those who followed through achieved amazing results. 


As I developed an eye for “restrictions”, I would discuss what I was seeing with Dr. LaPierre and more and more of my athletes received treatment and success.


My son, Sean Fraser, was very privileged to have received a Sports Scholarship from Upper Canada College, a premiere University Prep School located in the heart of Toronto. At the beginning of Sean’s second year, his teammate Justin showed up to Training Camp unable to participate due to knee pain.  I did a quick assessment and called his parents in the United States. They expressed their exasperation. They had exhausted every avenue short of surgery looking for a solution.  After a brief discussion Justin flew to Nova Scotia for three days of treatments with Dr LaPierre and flew back to Toronto. To allow the 43 “primary restrictions” to release and “normalize” Justin waited until the following Monday to return to the ice. Justin played the entire varsity hockey season and varsity baseball season without any sign of the previous issues.


*    *    *    *    *

A great friend, Charlie Scarrow, was an exceptional Track and Field Coach. His training was worldly and effective. He created champions. And he went so far as to create US Prep School and NCAA opportunities for several of his athletes. 


When Jenna Martin graduated from University of Kentucky, she and Charlie set her sights on London 2012. Although Jenna was fully committed and was training regularly, she was having difficulty achieving the desired results. After watching Jenna race, I realized that in trying to run faster she was “recruiting” muscles which were in fact slowing her down. I called Charlie, told him what I was seeing and offered to sponsor Jenna’s treatments with Dr. LaPierre. He and Jenna accepted my offer.


About half way through her treatments with Dr LaPierre, I had the opportunity to discuss the results with her. She told me, that besides her times improving, “my workouts now feel effortless; I can train longer with less fatigue and as a result I’m taking seconds off my time”.


Before seeing Dr LaPierre, Jenna was not on Canada’s radar for the 2012 London Olympics as it was almost impossible for her to qualify so late in the game. 


After her treatment, Jenna competed in China and rushed back to Calgary where she clinched her spot on the Canadian Olympic Track Team for one of the most challenging track and field events - the 400 metre . Indeed, Jenna ran for Canada in London 2012, straight through to the semi-finals

*    *    *    *    *

Today, “Concussions” in sport is a hot topic. In 2010 when my son Sean was severely concussed, I was distraught to discover that there was no information available through Canada’s various Sports Organizations. 


I began investigating and gathered as much information as I could find. Dr LaPierre began treating Sean to “normalize” the “restrictions” in Sean’s skull, a direct result of the impact he took to his head. 


I found an extremely important article, the Return to Play (RTP) Protocol from the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport. This article was created at the International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, 2008. I quickly disseminated this information to everyone I knew involved in sport.


After 30 days of treatment and having completed the RTP Protocol, Sean was symptom free and cleared to play without hesitation by Dr McVey, Doctor of Physical Medicine in Halifax Nova Scotia. 


In his latest book “The Brain’s way of Healing” Dr Doidge, MD,  wrote “I view it as prudent to have a Matrix Assessment after a blow to the head…Observing such cases has led me to hope that one day Matrix Repatterning will be routinely applied in Hospital Emergency Departments”.


I am a witness and will swear by this statement: If your child has been concussed, seek a Matrix Repatterning Assessment and Treatment. It is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for them.


I have referred over 300 athletes to Dr LaPierre and will continue to do so whenever I see the need and have the opportunity. 


I regularly see “restrictions” in athletes, amateur and professional. If only I could wave a magic wand and have them understand that they could very likely be twice as effective with a Matrix Repatterning intervention.


Coach Scott (Fraser)

I am a Hockey/Sports Coach.  I run my own skills camps and give private lessons to individuals and small groups of players.


Working with my students I began to notice that many of them were unable to achieve and maintain the 90 degree knee bend


In his book The Brain’s Way of Healing, Dr. Norman Doidge MD refers to Matrix Repatterning as an important “first intervention” in the treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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