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Matrix Repatterning


Dr. LaPierre working on a child's knee caused by fall.

In his book The Brain’s Way of Healing, Dr. Norman Doidge MD refers to Matrix Repatterning as an important “first intervention” in the treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A gentle, clinically-proven form of assessment and manual therapy, Matrix Repatterning  works in harmony with your body’s healing process to:

  • restore structural balance

  • re-establish optimal function

  • resolve pain 

  • revitalize overall health


Matrix Repatterning has helped a broad spectrum of the population including the elderly, elite athletes, weekend warriors, infants and small children. 


It’s particularly ideal for anyone

who has: 

  • survived a motor vehicle accident

  • suffered an athletic injury 

  • fallen or received a jolt

  • crashed into an immovable object

  • chronic pain  

  • limiting physical conditions

  • young children not yet proficient

       at walking, running, or flying


“I was in a car accident in 1998. After regular treatments elsewhere, I was told they could not do any more for me and I would have to live with the pain.


One day a friend asked me to go with her to Dr. LaPierre to see if he could help me. Six months later I am pain-free. No headaches from concussion and NO Advil. My golf game has improved, my cholesterol regulated, I sleep better and NO Advil. I wish I had found him sooner.


Thank You Dr.Philip LaPierre DC for giving me my life back." 


Elizabeth deMolitor


The following conditions are associated with structural imbalance and respond well to Matrix Repatterning treatment:

Symptoms Only Tell  Part Of The Story

“Pain is never the real issue. It is a message the body provides when something is out of balance. The key is to discover the source of the problem and resolve it by using a gentle language that the body understands.” Dr. George Roth from

“Matrix Repatterning Program for Pain Relief”


Why Matrix Repatterning Works

Every cell in your body is linked to every other cell by a continuous fabric of molecular strands known as the tensegrity matrix


This strong and flexible framework functions as an intercellular network transmitting mechanical, chemical and electrical signals essential for optimal health. 


When the human body receives a significant blow or strain the impact is absorbed by the body’s dense core structures - bones and fibrous tissues (fascia). The impact force will also be absorbed by the internal organs which, due to their fluid content, will expand like a water balloon. 


The molecular structure in the affected structures of the body reacts instantly by changing to a rigid state. This disrupts the flow of electrical signals at the cellular level, forming a “primary restriction”.


This disruption of electrical communication signals causes a spectrum of short and long term symptoms which include inflammation, swelling, tension, pain, restricted range of motion, and biomechanical and muscle imbalance.


As the practitioner applies a gentle, precise directional pressure to the primary restriction structure, the normal electrical field of his hands assists in releasing the electrical energy/tension trapped in the primary restriction. This two-hand containment ‘normalizes’ the restriction and facilitates the restoration of muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility and optimal biomechanical function. 


Pain and symptoms

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