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Dr. LaPierre has helped over 16 000 patients resolve their complaints.


When Jenna Martin graduated from University of Kentucky, she and her coach Charlie Scarrow set her sights on London 2012. Although Jenna was fully committed and was training regularly, she was having difficulty achieving the desired results.                                                

After watching Jenna race, I realized that in trying to run faster she was “recruiting” muscles which were in fact slowing  her down. I called Charlie, told him what I was seeing and offered to sponsor

Jenna’s treatments with Dr. LaPierre. He and Jenna accepted my offer.


About half way through her treatments with Dr.

LaPierre, I had the opportunity to discuss the results with her. She told me, that besides her times improving, “my workouts now feel effortless; I can train longer with less fatigue and as a result I’m  taking seconds off my time”.

Before seeing Dr LaPierre, Jenna was not on Canada’s radar for the 2012 London Olympics as it was almost impossible for her to qualify so late in the game. 


After her treatments, Jenna competed in China and rushed back to Calgary where she clinched her spot on the Canadian Olympic Track Team for one of the most challenging track and field events - the 400 metre . Jenna Martin, the athlete who was not expected to make the Canadian team, ran for Canada in London 2012, straight through to the semi-finals. 



I am a Hockey/Sports Coach.  I run my own skills camps and give private lessons to individuals and small groups of players.


I have referred over 300 athletes to Dr. LaPierre and will continue to do so whenever I see the need and have the opportunity. 100% of those who followed through achieved amazing results. 

 I am a witness and will swear by this statement: If your child has been concussed, seek a Matrix Repatterning Assessment and Treatment. It is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for them.



"Amazing results."

"It doesn't hurt anymore."

At age 59 I thought all of my aches and pains came with the territory. It wasn't until I got a tip from my junk dealer about a "miracle doctor" that I came to realize that aging doesn't have to mean that I will be in constant pain.


All of the injuries that my body has sustained playing hockey, soccer, basketball, and two car accidents, added up to where it hurt to do most things.


Thanks to Matrix Repatterning: 

  • The numbness in my legs has disappeared

  • I now walk differently and feel energized with more power in my legs

  • It doesn't hurt anymore when I get up out of a chair

  • I can go up the stairs with ease

  • I sleep more soundly

  • I can squat without having to moan and groan about painful knees


I haven't completed all my treatments yet, but I am looking forward to getting back to the golf course and maybe even resume running again to help me stay in shape.


Thank you Dr. Phil


I was in a car accident in 1998. After regular treatments I was told they could not do any more for me and I would have to live with the pain. When things got rough, along with the 6-8 Extra Strength Advil I took every day, I would get Massage Therapy.


I resumed my life and coped the best I could. I had to give up my sewing business as the pain at the end of

the day was unbearable. My flower garden kept me mindful and although my golf game had hit an impasse, the fellowship and my love of the game kept me going.


In May 2015 a friend asked me to go with her to see Dr. LaPierre  to see if he could help me.

  • After 4 treatments I no longer had to prop up my arm and the symptoms just kept leaving my body

  • In just 6 months - PAIN FREE! and no Advil

  • No headaches from the concussion and no Advil

  • I sleep better and no Advil.

  • My cholesterol regulated

  • My golf game has improved


I wish I had found him sooner.


Thank You Dr. LaPierre for giving me my life back.



"Pain Free."

"I am a mess
no more."

I originally went to see Dr. LaPierre for pain in my back, neck, left shoulder and both feet.


Tired of living in daily pain, I jumped at the opportunity to meet with Dr. LaPierre for a consultation. After checking me from head to toe, he informed me that I was a mess, but to my relief, a fixable mess. 


Now living pain free, I can’t tell you that I in any way understand Matrix Repatterning other than how Dr. LaPierre explained it to me… “You are your whole body, every part makes up the whole, but it’s all of you. When one part of your body hurts, your whole body hurts.” What I can, however, tell you is this: I live a pain free, richer life today because of it and Dr. LaPierre and I am excited for what tomorrow holds because today I am a mess no more.


Sincerely grateful,


For 17 years my back would "go out" about every two months.

I would see the local chiropractor and over the next two weeks  my back would slowly work its way back to mobility. 


When I moved my family to the Valley to open a new business,   my old Chiropractor referred me to Dr. LaPierre. I was met with   a refreshing new approach to “Pain Resolution” treatment.

After just two months of treatments with Dr. LaPierre, the results were amazing and lasting:

  • I was immediately stronger and more physically capable

  • I was able to do things that I had never been able to do -  in my life, and on the ice as a hockey player and coach

  • My right knee, which was scheduled for replacement, allows me to function normally and I have postponed the operation indefinitely.


It's been 15 years and my back has never “gone out” since. And I still work 80 hour weeks.  I still go for regular checkups to deal with the things that I do to my body picking things up the wrong way, jumping off the back of my truck, etc. but Dr. LaPierre ensures that at 55 years of age, I remain pain-free.


Thanks, Dr. LaPierre for your caring, expertise, and all you do.





"No back pain or leg problems since."

Our first son was born in 2003. He was a miracle, a gift from God, an answer to so many prayers. We had tried to conceive for over two years with a condition commonly known as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Finally with the help of a fertility drug we were pregnant after a few months and our son was born. A year later we tried to conceive again. This time the fertility drug didn't help us. In 2005 we were referred to a specialist in Toronto who we saw for a year before stopping.  


Then my aunt from Nova Scotia called us suggesting we come there to see a special chiropractor, Dr. LaPierre, in hopes that he might help us. She knew of our infertility problem and had recently learned that I also had a lot of back and leg pain. She wondered if there might be some connection. 


In the summer of 2006 I had several treatments from Dr. LaPierre over a period of about 9 days. Dr. LaPierre helped relieved my back and leg pains and provided me with orthotics when he discovered that my right leg was slightly longer than the left. He also thought his treatments could improve my overall health and might improve our chances of conceiving. He wished I could stay longer because he felt there was more that he could still do. 


In January of 2007 I found out I was pregnant and later gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I believe that Dr. LaPierre has a gift of healing. God heard our prayers and used Dr. LaPierre to heal me.


It's now July of 2009. I wear my orthotics faithfully and have had no back or leg problems since. And we are expecting our third child in March 2010! 



Over twenty-five years ago, Doctor Rod M. told me that if I went to see LaPierre, he could fix my arm. I had been in physical therapy for over two years because I had bone-on-bone friction in my rotator cuff and extremely restricted movement.


I was waiting for surgery.


When I went to Dr. LaPierre, Doctor Rod M. told me that if I didn't see a difference after ten treatments, he would pay me back double the money I spent on treatments.


I thought that it was impossible for me to recover without surgery. Each time I left his office, I was in tears. My Dad would say, "Don't go back to that quack!". But by the end of ten treatments, I had a huge range of motion in my arm and shoulder again, and a return of normal feeling and nerve response. 


Even the seizures I had suffered from all my life disappeared.


I continued to see him regularly until I got completely well.


Many years later, due to a car crash, I went back to him and he fixed me again. 


Now, I'm going back to Dr. LaPierre because I've had some bad falls. I know I will see the same results.

He's been an amazing healer, physically, mentally, and spiritually for me.

Love & Light,


"Even the seizures I suffered from all my life disappeared."

"I expect to have
a full recovery."

Dr. LaPierre is a true healer.


Dr. LaPierre began treating my broken shoulder five days after my injury. My fall had caused a compact fracture of the shoulder, with all of the the bones being jammed together with extensive soft tissue damage.


I was told by the orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist that I would always have a stiff shoulder that would impose limitations on its use. After four bedridden days I went to see Dr. LaPierre. Before the completion of the first treatment my pain had decreased from excruciating to acute.


After one week of treatments I was able to bend my elbow and raise my hand slightly. My pain continued to subside with every treatment. After two weeks of

Dr. LaPierre's treatments I was able to keep the pain at bay with just ice packs. I had a second set of x-rays taken. Because of Dr. LaPierre's work the bones had

shifted significantly to a more normalized position.


Four weeks after my injury I was able to type and carry light objects (coffee, plate of food). After seven weeks I'm down to three treatments a week and the mobility of my arm is improving daily.


At age 58, I expect to have a full recovery, which will include returning to sports (equestrian, golf, skiing). I have no doubt that without Dr. LaPierre I would be 

dealing with restricted use of my arm for the rest of my life.


There are no words for what I owe this man. 


Update: Here I am back in the saddle and training my young horse for the upcoming competition season just ten weeks after receiving a compact fracture to my right shoulder.



X-ray of compact fracture of the right shoulder taken before first treatment with Dr. Philip LaPierre
X-Ray of compact fracture of shoulder after 10 Matrix Repatterning treatments with Dr. Philip LaPierre

I had been having problems with my stomach since early last summer. I wasn't able to eat because of nausea and a constant pain in my chest area. I could not burp to make the feeling go away. I felt sick all the time and continued to lose weight, living off of fruit and applesauce and toast. There were times I would just throw up what I ate with no warning. I lost nearly 40 pounds the hard way. It was awful.


I saw my family doctor and she put me on nexium. I saw a specialist and he did a CT scan and a scope. Nothing was found but inflammation but my problem still continued.


My husband saw Dr. LaPierre and he advised for me to come see him the next day, so I did. Somehow by slightly pushing and touching, Dr. LaPierre fixed it. I went home and have been able to burp since and the nausea and pain is gone. Somehow he restarted my burp button! Amazing. I would never have believed it because I was very skeptical about what a chiropractor could do for this problem. I am really impressed. I really would never have believed it. I will certainly check first with Dr. LaPierre for any problems. It would certainly have saved me a lot of time and misery.


Thank you,



"Dr. LaPierre fixed it!"

"I stopped taking
the medication."

There are happenings in our lives which shake us a little from the acceptance of what seems to be the norm or "politically correct" so-called. One such instance happened to me and it has changed my life from one of constant pain into one of freedom from this pain in an instant.


I have suffered from a pain in the left side of my face for some years; it was ultimately identified as Trigeminal Neuralgia and I was given medication to take twice a day. The medication was very strong and very costly. I have no doubt about what was told to me - for this disease is a shingles-related disease and there is shingles in my family. However, as time went on, I became discouraged, particularly in the winter, for I could not go out in the cold without pain in spite of the medication I was taking.


One day, in conversation with a good friend, I heard what Dr. LaPierre had done for her when she went to him for help with a physical problem. She suggested I make an appointment about my facial pain. I had never been to a Chiropractor, so, as is my wont, I prayed and asked the Lord what I should do. Before long, I knew that I should make an appointment with Dr. LaPierre. I did so and found , to my surprise, a quiet, gentle, soft-spoken man who seemed to care about my pain. He quietly and gently used his hands in part of my mouth and the pain went away and has stayed away for the last two years. After the pain left me, I stopped taking the medication I had been on for some time and have been without pain ever since. This past winter has been a blessing, for I went out in the cold whenever I could and had no adverse reaction at all.


I do not hesitate to thank God for Dr. LaPierre and his caring approach to his calling.


Sincerely, with thanks,


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